Service Positions

District 8 Service Positions:

Service Positions

The following is a list of service positions at the district level. These are available to Al-Anon members. (Currently, District Secretary and Archives Coordinator are open)

District Representative:  Conducts district business meetings every other month, attends AWSC (Area Wide Service Committee) meetings once a year in order to plan business topics of Area Assembly and attends two Area Assembly meetings each year. This position can only be filled by a current or past group representative.

Alternate District Representative: Conducts district business meeting whenever the district representative is absent. Will fill in during the absence of district representative at the AWSC and Area Assembly meetings. This position as well can only be filled by a current or past group representative.

Group Representative: A group representative is elected at the group level. Group representatives are responsible for attending district meeting to discuss business pertaining to District 8 Al-Anon groups. They are asked to attend two Area Assemblies per year to participate in Area level business.

District Treasurer: Collects and disburses district funds according to the direction of the district GR’s. The treasurer is responsible for attending district meeting and bringing copies of all monthly transactions to be distributed to all group representatives and other officers for approval.

District Secretary:  Attends district meetings in order to take, type and distributes minutes of all district business meetings. Minutes may be distributed by email prior to the upcoming meeting and/or hand delivered to the meeting to be approved during the meeting by the group representatives.

Events/Fling Coordinator: Works with a committee to hold social events such as speaker potluck meetings and/or workshops. Typically the committee meets twice before any such event. The coordinator typically calls the meetings, setting the date, time and place for the meeting.

Public Outreach Coordinator: Works with a public outreach committee in finding ways of spreading our Al-Anon message across District 8 which includes the counties of Boone, Audrain and Callaway.

Website Coordinator: Maintains the district website at This includes updating meeting information, posting local, state and WSO events. The coordinator must also renew the domain mapping and advertising prohibition through and submit invoices to the district. The district website is on a website, which means there is NO need to know any computer coding or computer program whatsoever. This position only requires access to the internet on a regular basis. This position also includes checking the email account on a regular basis.

Archives Coordinator: Maintains the districts historical documents. Choose a piece from the archives and present at each district meeting.  When necessary will make a display board for district and fling events.

Alateen Coordinator:  Communicates with the district relating to Alateen members and needs, financially or otherwise. Works with the Area Alateen coordinator in matters relating to Alateen state events, i.e. Round-Up, etc.

Where and When Coordinator:  Right now this position is a responsibility of the Alternate District Representative who ensures that the Where and When information is updated on a regular basis and distributes copies to the group representatives at the district meetings. It was a separate position and may be considered by next year’s Alternate District Representative if he/she wishes to continue doing so.

Answering Service Coordinator:  Answer phone calls and shares information about where and when meetings.

updated March 4, 2022