Can I attend an Al-Anon meeting if my family member is addicted to something other than alcohol? 
Yes you are welcome here.  The primary focus of Al-Anon is to solve the common problems experienced by families and friends of alcoholics. However, you are welcome to attend Al-Anon meetings to see if you can relate to what people talk about, and then decide if the Al-Anon program might be helpful to you.

How long does a meeting last?
Meetings typically last one hour.

Will I be expected to speak at a meeting?
No. No one is expected to talk at a meeting.  Newcomers share when they are ready.  In fact, listening is highly encouraged.

Can I bring a friend with me to a meeting?

How do I find a meeting?
If you live in Audrain, Boone or Callaway counties you may find a list of registered meetings on the Find a Meeting page.  Meeting listing for worldwide fellowship can be found at Al-Anon.org

For more frequently asked questions, check out this link to the FAQ page of Al-Anon Family Groups