Website Coordinator

Website Coordinator:

Maintains the district website at This includes updating meeting information, posting local, state and WSO events. The coordinator must also renew the domain mapping and advertising prohibition through and submit invoices to the district. The district website is on a website, which means there is NO need to know any computer coding or computer program whatsoever. This position only requires access to the internet on a regular basis. This position also includes checking the email account on a regular basis.

Top 5 responsibilities:

  1. Checking a few times a week and responding to messages and website inquiries
  2. Updating Find a Meeting page based on groups’ requests
  3. Making other changes to website as directed by District 8’s group conscience
  4. Renewing domain name, hosting service and other required service. Submitting request to District Treasurer for renewal fee reimbursement.
  5. Attending District business meetings to report and receive input.


Willingness to learn and be available for above duties. Willingness to ask for help when needed. Desire to keep the site current as it is a vital point of access for people seeking help and Al-Anon meeting info.


Written instructions and passwords provided, assistance from previous website coordinators (service sponsor) is available

Time Spent in Service:

Not counting District meetings, approx. 1 hour per week.