District Representative

District Representative Overview :

The District Representative conducts district business meetings every other month, attends and presents a report at AWSC (Area Wide Service Committee) meetings twice a year to assist in planning business topics for Area Assembly and attends two Area Assembly meetings each year. 

This position can only be filled by a current or past group representative.

Chief Responsibilities:

Assists in disseminating Conference, Area and District information and reports. 

Encourages groups to complete and return group data sheets with any updates.

Helps groups understand Al-Anon is a worldwide fellowship and the service structure of Assembly and WSO. 

Participates in AFG Connects for District Representatives.

Allows a few hours weekly for checking AFG Connects email, attending group meetings and every other month an additional hour or two for District meeting prep.

Additional suggested duties can be found on Page 143 of the Al-Anon and Alateen Service Manual 2018 – 2021 Version 2.


Willingness to serve and participate in 12th Step service.

Desire for continued personal recovery.

Some knowledge of computer programs such as Word, email. Or a willingness to learn them.

Willingness to travel.

Desire to further your understanding of the Traditions and Concepts

Resources Available to help you succeed:  
Current Past District Representative

Other Past District Representatives

Al-Anon and Alateen Service Manual

Missouri Area Procedures Digest

Service Sponsor

Area Officers

Conference Approved Literature

Guidelines G37 and G15