District Treasurer

District Treasurer Overview: 

Collects and disburses district funds according to the direction of the district GR’s. The treasurer attends district meetings and provides report of all monthly transactions.


Attends each district meeting and presents a quarterly financial report for review and approval.

Receives and deposits all group contributions directed for district use. Disburses district funds based on the group conscience of our district business meetings. Balances the district check book monthly.

Presents a fiscal year-end financial report at the first district meeting of the new calendar year. Researches and presents findings for any fiscal question requested by the district or group. 

Supports the next panel’s district treasurer to make a smooth transition of leadership with the bank, its processes and in any other way requested for success. 

Skills a willingness to serve.  We have many who have held these positions who I believe would be grateful and excited to mentor and support a new member in being successful. I certainly am.