Archives Coordinator

Archives Coordinator:  Houses the district historical documents in a safe, dry location.

Adds copies of all district minutes, treasurers reports and District Representative reports to the AWSC and Assemblies for the current panel as additional historical documentation.

Includes any flyers or resources related to public outreach, fling or other district or group events.

Researches and presents findings for any question made by the district or group within the district related to district 8’s history.

If requested, presents a document from the archives, or create a display for district meetings, or other district events.

 Supports the next panel’s district archivist via a smooth transition of the archival boxes, explanation of their structure and in any other way requested for success. 

: a willingness to serve.  We have many who have held these positions who I believe would be grateful and excited to mentor and support a new member in being successful.