Women’s Eastern Reception Diagnostic Correctional Center

Al-Anon meetings at WERDCC have been suspended beginning April 2, 2020 since Department of Corrections policy is prohibiting all volunteers and visitors from entering institutions due to COVID-19 virus. Meetings will resume when department policy allows volunteers to enter.

Al-Anon meetings are held second and fourth Sundays of the month from 8-10 am. Arrival time at institution is 7:30 am.

Visitor will be accompanied by Al-Anon member who is a trained Volunteer in Corrections.

Once approved by prison staff, visitor will be advised of what to expect on the visit.

Necessary forms should be completed and returned to Lori in person or by attachment to email to Loricprayer@gmail.com.

Lori will submit paperwork to prison staff. 

The New Application for Facility Access for WERDCC (6-16), Staff Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Acknowledgment, and Waiver of Tuberculosis (electronic) Forms must be submitted to Lori 20 days before potential date of visit. 

NEW Application for Facility Access for WERDCC (6-16) (electronic ONLY)

Sexual Harassment Booklet

Staff Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Acknowledgement

Waiver of Tuberculosis (electronic)